Albert Park Melbourne Cottage Upgrade

This Warmboard Project is in Albert Park, Melbourne Victoria Australia and was completed in 2015 using the Warmboard R. product. Warmboard–R is our 13/16” thick panel that provides the same superior radiant heat performance as our original 1-1/8” thick Warmboard-S panel. This slimmer profile and smaller panel size, is ideal for remodels and renovations where the full strength of 1-1/8” Warmboard-S is not required.

We were present on delivery day to the building site and the response by the tradesman was totally awesome. When we returned the next day, they said it was the best hydronic system they had ever worked with in their 25 years in business. Their comments also included “It is so easy to install”, “The plans supplied were so simple and easy to follow” “It’s a winner”, “Top quality product” and “Amazing and quick installation”. Everyone was happy!

The Melbourne based architect visited the site and was extremely pleased with the product and install and consequently has now referred more clients, with new projects on the board for 2016.

The fact Warmboard-R can be retrofitted into older homes is a huge plus in Australia. Until now, hydronic floor heating had not been an easy option for people  who own an older home. But we are excited to say they now have a choice with this hydronic underfloor heating system,Warmboard.

For more information please phone Warmboard Australia 1300 137 407 or email

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 Photos of Albert Park Warmboard Installation

About Warmboard Australia Projects Hosted By Australian Sun Energy

This blog has been dedicated to projects in Australia featuring the product Warmboard, the hydronic underfloor heating system. This product is a giant leap forward in the evolution of radiant heating. Every aspect of the design and manufacturing of Warmboard has been implemented to maximize conductivity. Warmboard's patented design is the industry-leading low mass, high conductivity radiant heating panel. High conductivity means lower water temperatures, decreasing energy use, lowering monthly bills and extending the life of your mechanical equipment. Lower water temperatures also allow Warmboard to seamlessly integrate with solar and geothermal energy systems without the need for additional hardware. Their conductivity means faster response, heating your home in minutes, not hours (or days), ensuring constant comfort. It also means even floor temperatures and access to a wider variety of flooring options, from thick carpets to ornate hardwoods.
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