Bremer Bay – And So It Goes

Staying Outside...

Saturday 19th November 2016

Although it’s been three weeks since my last post here, and we continued to build as quietly and methodically as ever. No rushing, as the house continues to consume timber, time and technical know-how.

We have one day above 20º c and this guy has to break out the shorts.resized2000pimg_7563

Eat your heart out Brad Pitt

The corten steel cladding on the downstairs room has been finished for most of this time and has started to weather rather gracefully. The effort in cutting and placing those extra (million I’m sure) trimmers every 300mm up the stud walls to fix corten to, and create the curve has definitely paid off. Well done Boys. I tried a panoramic shot with my iPhone … it nearly worked.


3 Weeks in…Weathering Corten

The glass balustrade that will be fitted around the deck sits in a heavy C channel of aluminium. Brad had the channel curved to the radius of the eaves (as the eaves and the deck are both 1 metre wider than the radius of the floor plan of the house ) and was side fixed to the facia of the deck structure.

Fixing the balustrade channel

The deck posts were then cemented in place.

Whoops?  👀 

The job may have started a bit sooner but the cement mixer and associated tools were waylaid a bit as Nino tried out his 4×4.(Again). However a bobcat, a snatch-strap and 20 minutes and it was all go again.

Posts are in, and  the Channel is fixed and ready.

The decking will be installed running the same way as the joists so another lot of trimmers have to be installed to carry it. The C channel has been fixed 28mm above the facia as the decking boards are 23mm there will be a 5 mm lip of the channel above the deck level.


We have decided to go with an engineered board, and the one we have chosen is “Duralife” supplied by “Perth Decking Company”. They did the calculations to supply us with the right amount of decking boards from the information we supplied, put packs of 6.1m & 4.8m boards together which we then had freighted down. Once Nino and Ash had a system of measure & cut with the least amount of wastage it was all go.

The Main Deck:

The main deck is 6m by 7.2m, so to minimise offcuts the deck was set out with a couple of breaker boards in the pattern which gave us a near perfect fit if we used all 6.1m lengths.

We also have little biting insects at various times of the day, not to mention the flies (all the time) and so as to make maximum use of the deck and have the door open as much as we can, we put fly screen under our decking boards and we will install a motorised screen that will drop from the facia onto the top of the glass balustrade to fully enclose the deck. That’s the plan anyway!

Screen going under..

Meanwhile Inside:

Tristan and Clay have been fixing and flushing gyprock, maybe another week and Nino and Ash will be back inside to start  finishing rooms. Floors, tiles, paint, doors, architraves, lights, cupboards, plumbing, stairs, Warmboard……….you get the idea.

Off to start harvesting tomorrow so change venue and job for me for a while, I’m sure the builders will be pleased with no camera onsite and me, out from under their feet for a few weeks. I will still sneak back and take a few pics of their work early in the mornings to keep them honest and working.

Love the deck gentlemen.


Thank you.







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2 Responses to Bremer Bay – And So It Goes

  1. Peter Lowe says:

    looking great, love the corten and the decking! Clem


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