Bremer Bay – Site Prepared


The steel fabricators were given the engineers plans to manufacture and galvanise the steel frame, and so the wait began……. In the meantime we started the cut and fill for the bottom room.

Cut & Fill finished.

This room underneath the northern end of our house was decided upon in the latter stages of the design process, after consideration was given to the slope the house was built on and the height off the ground at that point. Surely with a little bit of  cut and fill we could utilise that space and squeeze another room underneath for some “Secret Men’s Business” as Nino our builder decided to describe it. As the cut and fill progressed it looked like a rather large excavation, but in the end it was not as big as it first appeared.

Time to retain it:

A brick retaining wall was built for the back wall of the downstairs “Secret Men’s Business Room

And a curved block wall to retain the side by the garage.

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