Bremer Bay – Construction Begins


The engineers specifications have been sent to a steel fabricator to design, fabricate and galvanise the steel needed for the structural skeleton.

Today it arrived onsite, and is being erected by the fabricators.


As the steel is put up by the contractors we can see the shape emerge

Apparently they have finished. Gone. I see that there are a few pieces left on the ground, where do they belong? Although structurally it may be sound there seems to be a lot of steel missing. I assumed it was meant to provide a skeleton of the build that we were to frame inside with timber to define the shape. I guess thats why I’m not a builder, I wonder what Nino’s take on that will be.

resized 2000presized 2000pMagpie nest - 136 of 254

The company still need to return and parge the columns to the cement footings we dug  once the timber framing has been put up to hold them square and level.


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