Bremer Bay – Concrete Pour

The concrete floor:

Friday April 20 2016

Its time to pour the floor of “The Secret Men’s Business”

It’s the only cement floor in the house, all the rest being upstairs with timber over warmboard or a subfloor with carpet or tiles over. This room is also to be heated and we made the mistake of not really thinking the process through because in hindsight we probably could have used warmboard S. It being thinner in structure it would have been glued to the cement slab and our tiles would be laid on top.

Meantime..   Floor is now down and done.

We now have another defined point on the house.

I was thinking that this would be an in-screed hydronic installation, as shown on  TV. You lay the hydronic pegboard & pex with the reo and cover with concrete. The whole of the slab floor is heated. Simple. However with this system it seems, the pegboard, with the pex installed, is laid on top off the slab we have just poured, then is covered with a 50mm to 70mm tilers grout mix to finish. Then we can finally lay the tiles.This part of the build will be a long way off,. You can see how advanced the building is in this stylised video of how the system is put down.

It seems like extra work with an extra operation of the tilers grout, when I think warmboard S would have been a far simpler solution. Cost wise, I have no idea.

One consolation with this method as against in slab:  with the insulation (it look like polystyrene) between the peg board for the pex and the original concrete floor,  the heating system is heating a smaller mass of concrete. ie: 50mm- 70mm v 100mm

We shall see.

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