Bremer Bay – Joists Going Down

Timber work begins

Nino (builder) arrived last week and oversaw the ground floor “Secret Men’s Business ” concrete pour.

Monday 25 April 2016:

The strapped bundles of bearers were found then cut to length, positioned and bolted onto the steel footplates and the welded cleats of the fabricated gal.steel framework.

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During this process, it was discovered that we (Nino) may have to make provision for seemingly missing posts or cleats that he thought should have been there to support our Timber bearers. His expertise (with added work) overcame the shortfall and so then the timber joists were  unstrapped from their bundles and were cut to length, placed, nailed and screwed onto the bearers.

As the joists went down we were in constant contact with Peter Taylor of  Australian Sun Energy who was supplying our warmboard. We recognised we may need a subfloor the same thickness as the warmboard (28mm) to place where the underfloor heating is not required, so as to keep the subfloor all the same height.

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A long way from..

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.. one end to the other


It is going to be a challenge to find the footplate for the walls on that left side of the building especially. There is no curved top fabricated beam to take a straightedge measure down from, and the bottom fabricated beams were straight sections,  angled at the joins. If we construct the walls to that profile, I fear the house may not look round, but instead rather chunky and angled.

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Box gutter

With no curve in sight we need to find an easy way to measure, define and mark the curved exterior of the house.

And then see how close we are to being able to sit the walls on the steel supplied!

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