Bremer Bay – More Steel Required

 Extra Steel Needed:

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Problem beam

Tuesday May 10 2016:

While constructing the framework for the floor, Nino had been worrying about the lack of steel for support over the top of “The Secret Men’s Business” on the bottom floor.

Also, he pointed out that the large Beam, which crosses from one side to the other here, was starting to sag! No problem for the bearers to reach this first beam from the retaining wall,(in the foreground of above pic.) but the expanse of floor from that beam to the end needed some support. And we needed to stop this problem beam from going even further South.


After contemplating the situation for a while it was decided we call on the local shed builder to weld two supports angled from the top of the two central columns sitting on top of this beam, back down to the outer edges of the beam to act as  braces. These bracing supports will be enclosed within an internal wall and should be sufficient to keep the beam straight, even with the added weight of the floor, the bottom room ceiling, and roof.

We would also add another beam halfway between this one and the end of the house so as to shorten the distance of the bearers had to span.

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Fixing the problem

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One new beam (foreground) & two braces erected

While waiting we decided to build the walls for the undercroft room. With measurements from the centre line to the outside we determined six points at which to change angles taking into account there were windows and doors which were to be straight products

It does look to have a curved exterior, even although the walls are in straight segments.

Brad our glass supplier (and son in law) is present and has said he will cut a few curved templates from aluminium to enable us to define the curve of the house. We will find out the radius of the curve and let him know. Although the CAD drawing should tell us.

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“SMB” room walls framed

We can now continue to install the timber bearers and joists over “The Secret Men’s Business” room.

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