Bremer Bay- Subfloor & Warmboard


Mon June 1 2016

The time has come to start laying down our subfloor. Obviously this will consists of not only the Warmboard but the 28mm construction grade ply  we sourced from the other side of the country to “Fill” the parts of the subfloor of the house which does not have Warmboard installed. As Warmboard ‘S’ is 28mm thick and that thickness is not a common size here in Australia, this “filler board” was quite difficult to find, it is also machined in metric (2400mm x 1200mm) measurements and the warmboard is an imperial (8’x 4′ or 1220mm x 2440mm) sized sheet, so we shall see if that small difference in size will pose any problems as they come together.

Before installation we decided to use a biscuit cutter to groove both butt ends of the ply, (and  Warmboard) apply a tongue to one, so as they would have a tongue and groove joint. The longer sides had already had one in place, factory machined and fitted.

That done, load the sheets onto the building. Slightly easier said than done, they are rather heavy and they had to be lifted head high to end of the top floor here. A couple of friends kindly said they would help, so lets begin.

resized 2000pIMG_1141

The ply comes up top

The first sheets of ply were loaded up onto the joists ready for installation. We started from the western end (above), and with the centre stringline  in place the first board was positioned. Then another, and another, you get the idea. So with a system of sorts in place, we moved at a fair pace as the ply went down.

resized 2000pIMG_1142

Nino & his ply “filler board”

He seems happy at this stage, so we continued to “apply the ply”

We will cut and shape the edges with “Timothy” our Template later, all full sheets go down until we got to the start of the Warmboard which we will tackle tomorrow.

Warmboard Day.

To add  solidity to the Warmboard subfloor it was decided to also rout a groove for a tongue and groove join at the butt end, because as reasoned previously, probably none of the ends would meet on a joist. there are a few different configurations of the Warmboard panel and each panel has its place so as to enable the pex to run it’s proper loops.Warmboard supply a detailed plan of where each board is to be placed, our example is pictured below and we start to the left of the plan with a right (R) and a straight (S). we will continue up that centre line and work off both sides

resized 2000pIMG_0729

The first Warmboard sheet is up on the building and are ready to go in.

Then we are away. Nice straight line, tongue and groove working nicely. A couple of helpers Alan and Ron mad life a lot easier.

Where the Warmboard meets the ply we cut off the Warmboard tongue, grooved a channel and put in our plastic tongue, so as to marry up with the groove in the ply “Filler board”

Lovely evening to finish off the day with the Mid MT Barren ranges on the skyline. They should be paying me to work here!!

resized 2000pAll Photos - 16 of 18

View from the house



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