Bremer Bay – Warmboard

The Warmboard continues:

Friday June 3rd 2016

With a long weekend looming we carried on installing today until Nino left to drive a couple of hours back to his place in Katanning. Rain forecast for Monday so we will see how everything holds up. Including me.

Also provided with the plans comes the flow and return diagrams, showing all the custom routs required. So we had better make sure each board has been placed in the correct position.

Below is the “Panel Legend” showing the designation of the different types of panel,  the second photo is the “Panel Schedule”showing the number of each type of panel supplied, and the third is a photo of a section of the “Flow and Return Tubing” diagram looks like.

The plumbers had been onsite previously and installed the main flow and returns to the two manifold locations which will control the three zones of heating. We decided to go with 32mm copper pipe to and from our heat source which will be a heat pump.

You can see the locations of the two manifolds in this extended photo below.One is on the right the other is on the left.  Notice Zone two has 7 loops, as I think each loop of pex pipe is only allowed to be 300′.

resized 2000pIMG_0730

Here is the Loop Schedule below

resized 2000pIMG_0731

I went back to the house site on Sunday to view the Warmboard after 10mm of rain and did a video walk of the weeks work.

A video walk through


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