Bremer Bay – Warmboard

Warmboard install continues:

Monday June 6th 2016

Monday, and the weather descends upon us. I imagine it’s probably the worst type of weather for warmboard installation (and the installers).

However the board was uncovered last Thursday (it had been under a weatherproof tarpaulin since arriving about six weeks ago) Nino has arrived and so had the willing helpers, Alan and Ron, so we decided to continue. As you can see from the pictures below it’s not always lovely sunshine for fishing or swimming in Bremer, … or Western Australia.

We will see how the board holds up under these rather soggy and cold conditions.

Already we can see that the normal swelling and bowing is taking place. The wet and slightly swollen tongue and groove of the warmboard made the  mating of the two slightly more difficult, but still manageable. And when routing the smaller groove on the short end (for our plastic tongue to fit) the wet ply dust of the Warmboard would not flow through  the biscuit cutter’s clearing tube, and made it difficult to make a clean channel.

The wet weather has not troubled the 28mm ply board we sourced for our filler board all. I guess it gets wet and drys out evenly top and bottom.  The warmboard panels, by their very build with the  impervious aluminium top layer and ply bottom are going to curve this way naturally when wet. We think the addition of the plastic tongue on the butt ends was a worthwhile exercise, but of course it was not going to stop the ends from curling up when wet. We could not fasten the ends down as they did not end and therefore join on a joist. I think it is something that needs addressing seriously and quickly if the Australian market is to take off. Our joists are 90mm x 45mm timbers, @ 450mm centres, when a 3mm gap is left at the butt end join, that leaves 21mm of joist for each piece of warmboard to be nailed/screwed to, even if they happen to land perfectly half on a joist. I believe most Australian modern timber builds use these joist specs, and it also seems to be a case of “metric v imperial”.

I also think there needs to be a ready supply of 28mm ply board available for any builds using Warmboard “S” here. At the moment it is a rare commodity, pricey and the lead time is at least 4 weeks. If you don’t use a 28mm ply what is the alternative? Different floor heights for heated rooms and others? I don’t know how America overcomes this problem, if indeed it is a problem, but I would like my floor levels to be all the same.

As the board is wet and we couldn’t  screw the ends down anyway, we tacked the board in place along the sides as we went with the nail gun, and I think we will leave the screwing down near the short ends until everything drys out and we see what, if any, other remedial measures are needed to pull the them down.

Some joins have curved up maybe two to three mm, hopefully they will settle when dry, then we can get some pressure/screws applied to an anchor point to hold it.

Finished laying down the board on Friday after 35mm (1½ inches) of rainy weather hit us for most of the week. It is winter after all, and I’m sure it won’t be the last lot of rain we experience.

resized 2000pIMG_1196

Secret Men’s Business:  Covered.

To finish the week I risked life and limb to take this photo of our labours to date. All the little cuts to finish the little gaps left around the edges have been done, the template was employed so as we could cut to shape. We are short 5 sheets of “Filler ply board” (left centre) otherwise … the floor is all down!

resized 2000pIMG_1199

Build overview

Next week: Screwing down the warmboard with millions of screws I think, maybe extra Chippies on board to help with the walls and then roof. Brad, our window expert is also due on site to discuss with Nino the set-out of wall frames and window placements in a circular house. Should be fun.

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