Bremer Bay – Maybe Some Walls

Wall Framing Begins:

Monday 13th June 2016

I have asked Peter Taylor, our Warmboard supplier, to give us a schematic with all the hardware we were supplied with in situ, as we don’t have a recognized hydronics expert on hand we are flying by the seat of our pants a bit.

Nino measured and marked in the interior walls, which gave us our first glimpse of actual sizes…. for real.

resized 2000pIMG_1204

Rooms being measured and marked in

As we continue to screw the sub-floor and the warmboard down with 75mm bugle headed screws, Nino starts to ponder the task of building the wall framing and following the curve of the building.

So as to follow our curve,  (except for a couple of major windows) we will make the frames to a maximum of 1.6 mtrs which should encompass most window sizes as most are 750mm – 800mm wide. Banks of four windows (of which there are a few) will be made with two windows, each in a frame side by side. The only compromise is the mullion between the two will be wider than planned as the two wall frames will be joined instead of one frame with a larger window opening. These wider frames will have to have various widths of packing applied to the outside so it follows the curve and enables the cladding to flow evenly around the outside.

Our first wall on the main floor:

A frame to fit a large window is the first wall to be built.

The next three are smaller and enable us to more closely follow the curve of the house.

resized 2000pIMG_7124

2nd 3rd and 4th frames go in


The weather is shocking, mainly rain and a lazy wind, so progress is slower than we would like, but nevertheless it is progressing and Nino seems happy now we have decided on how we are to build this thing. Simple fact is we will be building many more smaller frames, meaning more timber, more time but hopefully more satisfaction with a better end product.

As you can see below the smaller frames follow the profile nicely.

resized 2000pIMG_1226

No packing needed

From post to post we have a square steel beam underneath, a timber top-plate bolted to that,  the joists cut to “Timothy’s Template’s” profile  and screwed onto the timber plate, then trimmers cut and nailed between the joists, our warmboard screwed on top and cut accordingly finally the wall frames are put in place.

Moving on slowly, by the end of the week we had a few frames up and the house starts to shape up.

resized 2000pIMG_1220

Wall frames, southern side.

Notice the walls also rise in height until they reach the centre then decrease again. Seems to be about a 2° rise. Another angle!

Nino has found another few builders, starting next week I think, so we may see some action.

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