Bremer Bay – Many Hands


Construction Picks up:

Monday 27th June.

Ash arrives early Monday morning to help the crew, so we will now have four builders onsite when Nino arrives later this morning. The other two, Jared and Toby, are already onsite and  are continuing to frame the roof.

The last three weeks have delivered an average of 30 – 40 mm of rain a week so things are a bit sodden, but here’s hoping for a milder few days and with more workers onsite we may see some changes. It is certainly testing out the weathering ability of the Warmboard.

Thursday 30th June

The end of the financial year and a great week for building, the sun decided to come out for most of it and the guys onsite were able to build like there was no tomorrow. Jared and Toby finished what they could by 11am Thursday and headed home ready to come back when the (pointy) ends had been formed so as they could fasten the rafters.And that can’t happen until the scaffolding arrives.

As luck would have it there was a build in town which had just finished with the scaffold so  the company  was able to be transport it straight to us without going back to the depot. They unloaded and erected a bit before having to leave. They will be back on Monday to finish the job.

Friday 1st July

In the meantime during the week Nino and Ash had been building internal walls, we now  have a lot of the internal walls built and nearly all the  rooms are defined.

Building goes on

The pointy bits

The two set-out posts at either end, (and their bracing) had to go to make way for the scaffolding and the rain-head funnels. A landmark happening, as they had been there from day one, four years ago, when we decided on the orientation of the house. I eventually had to get the bobcat to dig three of them out, as they were in about  a tonne of cement to hold them there and not move.

The week that was

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