Bremer Bay – The Roof & The Scaffold

Monday 11th July

The riggers came out on Monday to finish what they had started last week, completing the job by the middle of Wednesday. Now the build looks like a major industrial project suited to somewhere other than here. Embarrassing.

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The week just gone has seen a concentration on finishing the laying of the roof  timbers and the erection of the scaffolding to accomplish this.

The rafters at the very ends needed the scaffolding in place, so as to have outside standing room to fasten, level and finally trim all of them to the curve.

The battens continue to go down, and now the rafters at the ends can be fixed, and the rafters over the main deck can also be finished now there is a scaffold in place.

Rain continued to dog us with another few days contributing another 30mm, warmboard seems to be hanging in there but I would like it to completely dry out so we can see what remedial measures are needed …. if any.

This is a close up of the of the warmboard profile, noting the many plys that make up the board and the aluminium skin on top, the manufactured tongue as part of the board, and the grooves into which we will lay the pex to carry the warm water.


It was  agreed that a new template was needed for the outside edge of the roof/rafters/facia. As the eaves overhang the walls by a metre, that means that the radius of the circle which the facia follows will be 1 metre wider than that which the walls were set at.     R walls= 41.995m  R facia= 42.995m

Click below to see what we did

New Template, New Name.    Thanks Brad

The rafters were trimmed to the correct curve and some LVLs were fixed to steel eave beams near the ends and curved so the rafters can fix to them and give structure and strength.


Monday 18th July

Nino is away for a few days at the end of this week but Toby is back on Wednesday and Ash is still here.Monday the facia board started to go on, as Ash had cut all the rafters to the curve on the weekend.

The finishing of the front deck rafters and the completion of the facia gave our house still more definition.

The boys continued to put trimmers in the eaves and generally finish off the other trimming that need to be done. We ordered our Stainless Box Gutter and the Colourbond Ultra roof sheeting. Disappointed that the sheetmetal company, the supplier of our gutter, said lead time would be only a couple of days when he knew he had the order 3 weeks ago, now he says he needs to freight the stainless in and it won’t be here for a week and a bit.  Why do they do that???    So roof laying is delayed as that goes on after the box gutter is installed.

Ahh….  the weekend is upon us, time to settle.

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