Bremer Bay – The Roof is Upon Us


In the times between waiting for the box gutter to be manufactured, and the roof iron to be cut and delivered, the last few weeks have been spent fine tuning, straightening, bracing, aligning, forming around the protruding steel and inserting trimmers in the internal walls. All necessary parts to form an accurate plumb, level and straight surface for the internal lining to be fixed. The eaves were  lined and the facia given an undercoat.

Lining the eaves

Monday 21st July

An intricate mathematical set of numbers to transcribe the eaves was made a lot simpler by the use of “Evie” & “Timothy”, the two templates, working in conjunction to enable the numbers to be put down on the eaves sheets to be cut. However it didn’t stop Ash having to get into some undignified positions with Nino to fix them into position on the underside of the eaves!!  All done magnificently, and it now gives our lady some very distinct curves.

The box gutter arrives:

Tuesday 23rd July

Lynchie took the trailer into Albany and collected our Box Gutter.

Now we can install it, get our roof on and stay dry while we work. Also the warmboard will thank us for keeping it out of the weather and our wettest winter for some time. I think we have had around 35 days of wet weather and 230mm (just over 9″) of rain since our floor went down. Swelling has occurred but we will wait until it drys completely to see what, if anything, needs to be done to rectify any problems.

The gutter is in so bring on the monument coloured colourbond roof.

Roofing material arrives

Wednesday 27th July:  

Now to install.

Jarod returns with a building mate Rowan and together with Nino, Ash & Lynchy they proceed to fix the roof.

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The days were kind to us, very little wind cool and sunny, the roof is on in two days. And the wash down gave us a look at how or box gutter will work. Seeing that, now builds the anticipation to see the funnels installed and working. You will be able to see water falling into the funnel rainheads from the living area if the hallway door is open.

Nino is a happy camper, having wanted the roof on from the beginning of the build. (Joking Nino) So he decided to cook us a “Roof Finish Bar-B-Q ” and we invited Ronnie & Alan to help us celebrate a milestone in our build that they have been part of.

Nino and Pete Lynch are happy to share a joke ……

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