Bremer Bay – Plumbing & A Short Week

Things That need to be done, get done.

Monday 8th August:

No builders onsite today as both took the time to attend to other matters. Ash having worked nearly non-stop for the past 10 weeks, and of course Nino is only back home on weekends so life considerations need addressing  at some point.

resized 2000pIMG_1396While they were away however, we took time to prime and then paint the facia board with two top coats as the weather  became mild enough for us to do so. This now allows us to finally fit the roof flashing, and not have to tape it when we paint as it as that has been done. Tick

Tuesday 9th August:

Both builders back onsite and rearing to go.As with last week the finer points in finishing the framework ready for the insulation, cladding and gyprock. All walls are plumbed and straight, but it is the marrying of the curve and the windows, and the hiding of the steelwork ready for the cladding which is occupying most of their working hours.

The ceiling needs to be dropped and a formed around the bottom of the Box Gutter to hide it.

The @warmboard seems to have stood up remarkably well under the builders working on it without protection. I know that Ash and Nino are conscious of looking after it, but they are not the only trades onsite. Although others are told to be careful of damage as soon as they arrive. The Warmboard is regaining its shape as it dries out now that we have a roof over our heads. A day was spent with Nino crawling underneath the house to nail cleats of 180mm x 45mm LVLs under each butt join of the warmboard where they did not meet on a joist. These were then bugle screwed to the warmboard from above.

It’s not bad now and I’m sure as it continues to dry it will continue to return to normal. As it is getting closer to installing the pex piping into the warmboard and not having an experienced hydroponics expert onsite I have been thinking more about the install and trying to learn what I can. On closer study: in the heating plans drawn up and designed by Warmboard we have two heating zones. (as instructed). However I now see that within each temperature zone there are three different floor coverings. Tiles in the wet areas, carpet in master bed, office and WIR, and timber in the living.That to me means that the thermostat that controls the temperature in that zone has to regulate radiant heat in three different materials. This occurs in both of our two zones. I will email Casey Kunselman at Warmboard and discuss. Maybe I can switch the loops around to overcome the problem,  maybe add another heat zone and thermostat. Interesting times. The artificial heating of natural hardwood timber floors in Australia is still a very hard topic to get any specific data on from the industry, and any advice they do dispense is usually “Don’t do it.”


Thursday & Friday

The plumbers came and stayed for a couple of days.

Leaving their mark as they installed all the internal pipework, the evacuated tube solar hot water tubes, (which need to be raised another 20˚ to get maximum sunlight as our roof has only has a 5˚ pitch) and some of the sewage pipes under the house. They will be back at the end of next week.











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