Bremer Bay -More Fine Tuning

More of the Same

Monday 15 August

Nino and Ash were back at it again this week.

Another brief respite in the terrible weather gave them a window to apply the roof flashing. However, as usual, it is not the normal cut for the corners, nail & pop rivet in place… all done, walk away whistling type of build. To accomodate the curve of the roof the flashing was cut, on the roof side face, about every 450mm so that it followed the curve of the facia board without kinking.resized 2000pIMG_1397

Nino was there as ever, with straightedge and level in hand, making sure they had it perfectly curved and true to the eye with no discernible kinks. I think they mastered the art!


That done, they continued to move through the house from one end to the other, fixing more packing where the long single windows are to create the curve, more furring channel for the gyprock, more finishing of ceiling heights and more adjusting the internal framing to hide the steel obtrusions in the framework.

The interior is starting to fill up and the space is closing down, becoming more and more like the inside of a house and not just a timber frame standing alone and open.

Thursday 18th

Plumbers are back.

Ty and his two fellow tradesmen Daniel and “Beshy” from “Rones Plumbing” returned to continue their plumbing installation. Digging ditches for the stormwater pipes to carry the water from the roof into our two 100,000l tanks which we will use for all of our water requirements.

More 100mm pipe was installed (underneath) the length of the house to carry the stormwater from the far end  to join with the garage stormwater then on down to our tanks. While the western end will have its own 100mm pipe into the tanks. We think too much water for one 100mm stormwater pipe.

Oops! Caught Ty actually using his shovel.

resized 2000pIMG_7384

Ty and his shovel. Connecting garage to house stormwater

They also pitched the evacuated tubes for for maximum sun capture.

Ty positioned it closer to the box gutter to hide it from view from the ground.

Another short week next week for the builders, as business and personal matters dictate. And here’s hoping the weather turns around for us next week also.

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