Bremer Bay – The Agony and the Ecstasy

The Cladding:

The Agony

Monday 3rd of October 2016

As described before, when Nino and Ash were framing the walls they took particular care to ensure the curve remained constant, and accurately followed the template (nicknamed Timothy) which was cut to the circumference profile of the house. To accommodate this the stud frames for the  walls were built in straight sections, varying from 1.2m to 2m, which also allowed consideration for the window placements. Therefore, when the cladding went on, each board had to be packed out, sighted  and conform to “Timothy” so as the curve remained constant and no flat spots occurred as they nailed the timbers home. A time consuming, and very much professional sighting and feel for the job at hand.resized2000pimg_7461And of course as the plinth that Nino had specially routed was attached over the steel beam running around the bottom of the house, they encountered every cleat, nut, bolt and post that man ever made,  which forced yet another plinth modification to get over or around. Certainly a labour of love!!

So after nearly three weeks, and “1 million” individually cut wedge shaped packers, they have all but finished the Hardie-board Cladding. All that remains is a bit near the main entry, which they will do when the door arrives and is in place.

The room underneath is to be clad with Cor-ten steel. We had the profile rolled in Perth and it arrived a few weeks ago and has been sitting waiting for the boards to go on. This steel rusts and as it does so a patina covers  it’s surface stopping further rusting. Although the colour will continue to develop and change over time. This is solely our choice of cladding, it is a new material to me and just another architectural/aesthetic gamble for us I suppose. Nothing ventured nothing gained 😀. As some of it is protruding from the packaging it has started to weather unevenly, although I assume over time it will even out.

And The Ecstasy:

The Cladding has turned out magnificently gentlemen. A job well done. I admire your work.

And next the Corten!!resized2000pimg_1518

The Scaffold.

The agony

Scaffold has its place. It is useful. We cannot do without it. But as the build progresses it becomes less so. Just ask Nino.He swears it is because he is so tall that he hits his head more than anyone else. (We know he is only 5’0″ but we would never tell him.) So Nino and the scaffold loved each other when they first met however for quite a while now the partnership has had some stormy moments, with abuse being attributed to both sides. Sore heads, elbows and contorted positions being the abuse inflicted by one of the party, while hammer attacks and name calling seemed to be the main abuse from the other.

And The ecstasy.

Marriage dissolved. Scaffold gone. Nino gets his house back. Nearly an excuse for a “Scaffold gone” Bar-B-Q.

Scaffold gone


The Ecstasy of the Funnels:

During the last few weeks we have also erected the funnels. They are still being temporarily braced at the moment but they will be a centre piece.

The end result


Insulation and Gyprock have begun.

A couple of trips to Albany (400kms round) by Peter Lynch in the little truck and trailer to get our supplies of drywall.resized2000pimg_7476and we were up and running with the internal lining.

The warmboard has come through relatively unscathed. A few dings here and there but nothing serious. The swelling we experienced earlier when it was first laid and exposed to the wettest winter for a while, has all gone. We are getting closer to the custom routing and pipe laying. All electrics for the actuators and thermostats are in and the plumbing seems under control. However I think that there are a couple of sets of gonads sitting slightly higher and tighter than normal as we approach the unknown install and commissioning of the warmboard. There is a lot of interest in this new product here from locals, so lets hope we can pull it off for all concerned.

Next week the Corten and Drywall!!

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2 Responses to Bremer Bay – The Agony and the Ecstasy

  1. Peter Lowe says:

    Great project, lots of hard work dedication and vision!


  2. John Pole says:

    Looks great
    John Pole


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