Bremer Bay – Slowly but Surely

Back on the Job:

Monday 19th of September

last week I travelled to Perth, (1100km round trip) left my ute there and drove a truckload of window and door frames back, unloaded them, then travelled back to Perth the next day in the empty truck, picked up my ute and towed a trailer full of glass back home. So now all materials will be onsite when the glaziers come today. They can also travel down faster and in more comfort in a ute, fix the glass and frames and be back home on Thursday.



Ash arrived with the funnels in tow along with their downpipes as the main men came back onsite on the 19th of September after attending to duties other than these. Pete and Will, the two glaziers, arrived and immediatly set to work,. While the day was misting a fine drizzle the next few days forecast was for finer weather.

As an aside while in Perth I had the opportunity to see a delivery of glass into Brad’s Mandurah Glass factory. The pictures below tell the story. The deck/tray of the truck has an A frame attached full of glass as normal.  The truck enters the building, lowers the whole deck onto the floor, then drives forward leaving deck with the glass on the A frame sitting on the floor ready to be craned to the waiting racks in the factory. When all the glass has been lifted off and stacked the truck backs back over his deck and hydraulically lifts it back up, closes the back door and drives off.

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Window and door frame fitting is cruising along, Ash and Nino are helping Pete& Will (the glaziers) as well as adding more blue weather proofing  paper to the outside.

The electrician came and we strung the electrical cable to accommodate the thermostats, circulating pump and the heat pump back to the central control for my rezoned heating plan. Next comes the wiring for the actuators back to this control box.

As yet we do not have a manual for the heat pump so we are flying blind a bit as to the best way to wire it in to the system. The manual been promised!!

We are also waiting for the exchange thermostats and control box to arrive, a change from the original quote. Hopefully a full set of wiring and operating instructions are included this time. Also on order is another manifold which seems to have been missed  in the original setup and quote.

Then comes Wednesday

A beautiful day dawns, the first for what seems an age. Nino, who bought his boat onsite a long time ago, thinks that we can’t miss this opportunity to wet a line. He presents a 30 second persuasive argument, then less time than that for Ash & I to agree. So leaving a very conscientious Will & Pete to continue we had the boat in the water in less than half an hour.

A lovely meal of squid, sand whiting and herring was to follow for all.

Monday 26th of September:

Interviewed a couple of gyprock fitters for the internal wall lining. About 1200m2 in all. Ash and Nino Boxed in the plumbing where it came through the “Secret Men’s Business” roof from the above bathroom. Fixed the furring channel for the gyprock. Now we are ready for some internal lining.

The grief we experienced with one of the end posts not being erected in the right place by the steel contractors was addressed with a little cut and paste by Ash and Nino. They corrected another steel problem which we should not have had to deal with in the first place.

Thursday 29th of September;

I travelled to Albany (400km round trip) our closest major centre to pick up some outside cladding and a little bit of inside roof insulation. Nino and Ash started cladding with some boards left from the garage build a few years before. Now we will see if all the effort to make the outside a smooth round wall will pay off. The white (primed) board underneath was to hide the steel beams. Nino routed a groove and chamfered the edge of this board to give the cladding a start and let the water run off.

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Next week should be interesting


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