Carpentry, Cupboards, Concrete and Tiles

Carpentry plus

Monday January 30th 2017 – February 10th

We we had to fix¬†the whoops ūüĎÄ moment (when we penetrated the pex in the passage) with a standard compression fitting used to join domestic water pipes. It was a neat and small diameter barrel fitting that once fitted, easily slotted into the Warmboard grooves¬†with only¬†a very small¬†enlargement¬†required.resized2000pimg_7718

Floorboards taken up to fix the pex


Fix in place

Nino had cut and planed the timber for the door frames in his workshop over the Christmas break and they were now able to be assembled and fixed to the doorways. Ash then plumbed, aligned and squared them so as to take the doorstops and architraves. Our internal doors are still on order.

The skirting boards were also able to be fixed. With a curve no less!!


The first of the skirting boards in place.


Keith Conner from AOK cabinets arrived with all the cabinetry on his trailer ready to be assembled and installed.And so began the wettest couple of February days we have had in a long time. Nino was unable to get home that Friday because of the many road closures between here and his home town of Katanning. Eventually he arrived home on Saturday after taking a circuitous route adding an extra 150km to the journey.


Covered Cabinets

Inside the carcasses are being put together

The room is filling up rapidly, and we have only just begun!resized2000pimg_7761


Now that the backing boards are down over the #Warmboard in the wet areas it was time to apply a bond breaker. Nino chose the usual method here of applying a bituminous paint to the floor.resized2000pimg_7732

The full wall length water grates we were required to have ( as we were installing large 600mm x 600mm tiles) to create a fall to allow any water to get away were an exorbitant price from a large national plumbing outlet, as they said they had to have them made. $10,000 for three grates. 1 x 2.4m, 1 x 2.8m and 1 x 3.4m. Needless to say we did not proceed.

We contacted a local¬†local manufacturer to make them for us. I don’t know the total cost but we have all the bottom trays and total amount so far is¬†$1200. The inserts are to come. However this has delayed us being able to apply the 4 in 1 mud mix screed to the floors to give us a fall, as they could not produce them for ten days. Small price to pay I guess. But it does put the cabinet maker back and¬†all who follow.

The day arrived when we could install the grates with the mud mix.

Then followed the floors. I called on some help from friends who willingly took a day of to help. Welcome to the build Peter and Terry Smith.

We had to bring the dry mix in bucket by bucket, but by 2 o’clock all wet areas were done. Thanks to all.


Ensuite Dry-mix & grate


The floor tiles are now able to be laid once a waterproofing barrier is fixed to where the wall and floor join.

The little powder room is the first to have floor tiles. Surely a pivotal moment in the construction. The #Warmboard is finally covered with the finished flooring. only need to grout the tiles in.  resized2000pimg_7760

After this momentous feat, Nino was to embark on another, and that was to¬†find a route home.!! He only has to make it back¬†next week for us to continue. ūü§ď









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