Beginning the Finishing

Progress From the last Four Weeks:

The Disappearing Warmboard & Pex in… 

The Kitchen/Dining..

resized 2000pIMG_7390

main Living.Warmboard down


..and the Tiled /Wet Areas


Starting to Finish …the Internal Doors

Starting to Finish …the Cabinetry

Starting to finish…. the “Secret Mens Business Room

resized 2000presized 2000pMagpie nest - 178 of 254

Plastic & reo laid ready



“SMB” Flooring down

Starting to Finish… the Balustrade:


.. Fix ..


Starting to finish… the Outside Deck

First the ceiling then the BBQ wall, which will also offer some protection from the prevailing West and N/Westwinds.

Starting to finish …The front retaining wall

With Ash getting some (un)helpful advice from Nino the wall with an “Eavie”curve,( the curve with the same radius as the eaves i.e. a curve with a radius of 41.95m) is well under way resized2000pIMG_7879

Nino has had to retire an old friend today, as the usual switch on his beloved grinder failed to elicited any action, … even after many hits.resized2000pIMG_7855

We are looking forward to the coming weeks as we close in on the final rounds. Although the painter is away for another 3 weeks we have Shaun, (electrician) Keith, (cabinet maker) Brad, (Mandurah Glass) Ty, (plumber) and of course Nino and Ash due to complete their part in the coming weeks.


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