Continuing with the Curves

The last week was a continuum of building the two retaining walls. The one on the lower road is 5 blocks high with backing blocks up to third row height. We made the curve of this retaining wall the same radius as the eaves of the house, therefore “Evie” the template was able to be used again.

Each block weighs in at 250kgs and was placed in position using a jib attached to a bobcat.

On the path/road leading up to the “Secret Men’s Business” room, less space was available to manoeuvre the bobcat, and the

wall being only three blocks high at the most, Nino’s Kanga loader did the trick for us. A powerful little machine for tighter spaces. Both retaining walls now nearly finished. Steps are to be included this coming week to complete the walls.

More excitement as Mandurah glass arrived to install the Glass on the walls at the back of the showers. No more shower tiles to clean!  😂 👏

However to get the ensuite one inside to its resting place, the window on the outside wall of the W.I.R had to be taken out so the glass could go straight across the passage into the ensuite. No biggie for a glazier. Here is how we managed…

Safely ensconced, with literally mm to spare on either side through each of the openings we passed. Now for the Plumber on Tuesday to fit off.


Ensuite Shower Recess

Now for the guest’s shower. Less of a problem as it is of a smaller dimension and we were able to take it down the passage and turn it into the  guest’s bathroom without too much of a problem.


Guest shower: Back wall

Brad and “Mandurah Glass will be back for the finishing touches to the balustrade, kitchen, office and Secret Men’ splash backs, and fly screens soon.

Cabinet maker will be onsite Monday to install office furniture and “Secret Men’s Business” desks. Electrician failed to show as expected last week and will now be here this week on Wednesday. (I think)

The end is drawing closer. Even although it is Autumn here and the weather rather kind, I have the heat-pump on and the warmboard working with Heatmiser  thermostats set at low temps to acclimatise the house before insulating the floor underneath. All components seem to be working correctly and together at the moment. I will try and collate all we have learned as we worked our way through this heating install as amateurs, with help from those experienced in the field and post it here at the end.

The more I learned the simpler the system became.

Famous Last Words.



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