Photo Finish …. Nearly

Guest Shower & Ensuite


Guest Bath Finished….


… except for tiled grate along back wall…


.. and vent in ceiling



Ensuite shower finished… vent and tiled grate to be fitted


Glass Splashback


…Tiled waste still to be done

Another flyover, with builders rubble and all..

Kitchen cabinetry:

has been finished. Next is to measure  for all the glass splash backs.


in the “Secret Mens Business”… Finished workstation.


The outside painting is underway

Inside Feature Walls


The inside now has light and power after Shawn and Pat, from S & E electrical, had been. He said this is the fun bit. (If everything works as it should). He also implied he is constantly reworking the house in his sleep to make sure everything has been installed as and where it is needed, as there is no roof space to correct something or add a feed which I had forgotten to mention. After the commissioning he reckons that there is now parts of his anatomy that are starting to relax after 12 months of tension and puckering.

Retaining Wall:

Starting to finish

Finished wall


H(er)Q Feature Wall:


But before we start…There always has to be one…


Now you see him …


… Now you don’t 

You Idiot.  😂

Nino made the shelving in his workshop. We then assembled it onsite. It all went together like ten fingers in a beautiful fitting glove.  Fantastic craftsmanship Nino


Finished Result

Jarrah Floor:

Over Warmboard …Finished

The photos seemed to have washed the colour from the painted finishes but the floor looks super

Plank Jarrah Flooring installed over Warmboard Hydronic underfloor heating system.resized2000pIMG_8038

Edging Closer to moving day.

Having a few issues with our thermostats at the moment, but everyone is jumping to help solve the problem. More in the washup.

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2 Responses to Photo Finish …. Nearly

  1. Peter Lowe says:

    Looking fantastic, the drone aerial is a majestic overview of the build, great effort! Clem.


  2. ptandfrizz says:

    Thanks Clem.It’s been a great journey with many insights into the new developments and innovations occurring in an industry I had only observed from afar. We have very nearly finished the build, and a final photo shoot and wash-up will follow soon. P.T.


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